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About RV BOX
Storage boxes for your home, car and camping
The boxes are made of polypropylene. It is characterized by light weight and high strength. RV BOX is easy to clean and does not absorb odors. Resistant to aggressive conditions.
Stiffeners on the lid and drawer for reinforcement. Some models withstands up to 180kg. Comfortable handles. There are hinged and fully removable covers.
For you
More than 30 models with different sizes and features will help you organize space in your car, at home, on a boat, in a garage or on a trip.

Isothermal containers
Thermoboxes with a volume of 15 to 45 liters are treated with silver ions, which prevents the formation of odors. Equipped with a strap or comfortable handles.
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IRIS Ohyama is a Japanese concern that produces home and leisure products. One of these products is boxes for outdoor activities and optimizing the space at home, in the car or in water transport. Boxes are made of polypropylene, which gives them high resistance to mechanical damage and harsh climatic conditions. They also can support the weight of an adult man.
Список компаний с которыми мы уже работаем.
Транспортные компании
Транс Трек-ДВ www.transtrek.ru
ПЭК www.pecom.ru
Алтан www.tkaltan.ru
Берг www.bergvl.ru

Так же мы можем доставить товар любой удобной для Вас транспортной компанией.
Способы оплаты
- Оплата на расчетный счет нашей компании (предоставляем всю необходимую для бухгалтерии документацию: договор, счет, накладная Торг-12);

- Оплата при помощи систем денежных переводов: WesternUnion, Золотая Корона, Юнистрим, Контакт, Колибри и др. (Удобно для стран СНГ и таможенного союза); +комиссия в зависимости от платежной системы

Our advantages
Japanese quality from a major concern IRIS OHYAMA.
Product in stock
Stable income once a month
Best prise
We work without intermediaries. We import goods directly from the manufacturer.
Exchange of goods during factory marriage at our expense.
Любой удобной для Вас транспортной компанией.
We work with legal entities
Who need RV BOX ?
Car owners
The wide range will allow you to make the best use of your trunk. Oils and technical fluids can be stored in the boxes, this will protect the cover of your trunk. Some models stack with each other and create a common area, for example RV BOX 900F and 2 RV BOXES 450F. You can also fix the boxes on the roof using a special net or ropes, this will significantly increase the usable area.
For fishermen and hunters
Moisture-proof crates keep your gear dry. You can sit and stand on them. Some models can support up to 180kg. Some can be used instead of a boat bench. Long boxes allow you to store weapons in them. Boxes with double lids allow you to place small tackle in a separate compartment.
There are special HD models (HEAVY DUTY). They are more durable and have comfortable handles on the sides, which allows you to carry heavy things together. You can sit and stand on them. We would also refer to these boxes as the RV BOX 1000 model with a volume of 160 liters, it is possible to load the entire tool into it, and it is convenient to transport it using the wheels at the bottom of the box.
For outdoor recreation
RV BOX will help you to conveniently fold all your things and take them with you on outdoor recreation. RV BOX can be useful for more than just storing things. You can sit on them instead of chairs. Bucket boxes can help your child fill up a pool at the beach or simply bring water to camp, while moisture-proof boxes keep valuables out in the rain.
For all occasions
Everyone can find an application for the RV BOX according to their needs. You can store tools or attach the box to the ATV. Make a handy garage organizer or use a bucket to clean your home. There are craftsmen who refine them and create something new.

We know for sure - RV BOX will benefit you and will serve you for many years.
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Address: Russia, Vladivostok, prospect 100 let Vladivostoka , 159, 690022
Phone number:
+7(914) 321-81-57 Alex
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Email: info@iris-box.ru

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